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Bio-Medical / Hospital Waste Management

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India is unique and fortunate among nation in that it has very rich and varied tradition of organized medical systems since time immemorial. The story of health era is as old as the mankind itself. Human brain has the unique property of discrimination and reasoning and because of these capabilities human being has been able to find solution to the problems effecting his health & survival.

Since the origin of human civilization the man has evolved method for relief from disease by adopting new technology for proper treatment of waste. Now a days the increasing demand of health services for better quality of life as well as the awareness of the right of every citizen of the country to lead a socially and economically productive life.

Prevention is the first and basic role for the good and productive health of community because „prevention is always better than cure‟. Health education, which depends upon proper treatment of waste, is the sheet anchor of the plan. We need to intensity our efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of health growth coordinates its development with the population, resources and the environment and protects and improves the sustainability of our growth.

In consideration the importance of Bio-medical Waste (BMW) treatment & disposal we, Center for Pollution Control (CPC) an ISO 9001:2000 certified company of its quality services are pride in declaring ourselves as one of the most disciplined organization who entered in February 2004 with the support of Varanasi Nagar Nigam by establishing the Common Waste Treatment Facility (CWTF) at 310- Mohan Sarai, National Highway, Varanasi having its wide range plants & machinery (ISO certified) for treatment facilities and well balancing equipped team of experienced technician, operators, skilled and semiskilled staff who always remains ready on front foot.

The role of our promotion of health is basically routines on the principle of “PROMOTION of HEALTH and PREVENTION of DISEASE” as no. of factors have converged in recent year to bring that dream closer to reality to prove in coming decade.